Using Technology to Improve Small Business Profits

Using Technology to Improve Small Business Profits

In this modern world, small businesses are experiencing stiff competition from their competitors who are using technology to their advantage due to globalization. For your small business to maintain a competitive advantage in the market, you should be conversant with the current trends and new technology in the market. The following are some of the ways that you can use technology to improve your small business profits:

Reducing cost

When you use technology in the production process, it will help you cut off production cost which will eventually reduce the price of your products in the market. Reduced prices will lead to increased sales hence increased profits. Technology also reduces payroll cost as it increases the businesses’ productivity with the use of fewer workers.

Machines replace numbers of workers and also reduce the time taken to complete certain tasks leading to increased profits. Using technology will also help you reduce data storage cost as you will be able to easily store your ledgers in document form in flash disks or computer hard drive which will also help you save on space.  Here is a video showing you how to save money using the cloud.

Enhanced communication

When you embrace communication in your business, you promote communication between workers and also between consumers and yourself. With the use of mobile phones, customers will be able to give feedback on your products which will help you in identifying the areas that require the change to meet consumer needs. The employees will also be able to communicate freely regardless of their location which will reduce time consumption and increase profits by reducing the time taken to travel from one point to another for communication purposes.

To widen the market

You can use technology to widen your market which will, in turn, increase your profits. For example, selling your products online will cover a wider market as you will be able to access more customers from the comfort of their homes. Selling products online will also give you a platform to advertise your other related products and provide reviews of your products which is very essential in attracting potential customers leading to increased profits.


Using technology in your small business will help you automate certain tasks that previously required the need for you to hire an employee. For example, the task of bookkeeping can be handled by certain software applications such as Quickbooks or Quicken. Contact management sites will help you automate the task of sales; this will give you the chance to focus on strategy and help you cut down on labor cost. This will eventually increase the profits of your small business.

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